North Carolina has very diverse flora, both native and introduced.

Barefoot & Associates has certified plant professionals that know how to treat these trees and shrubs according to their specific needs to ensure they thrive.


Just like humans and animals, trees and shrubs are vulnerable to disease. Insects can also infest a plant and threaten its survival. Applying treatments throughout the year can prevent diseases and insects from threatening your trees and shrubs.

Trees & Shrubs

Trimming and Pruning

There are many reasons to trim and prune your plants. If the crown of a tree is too crowded, it is in more danger of damage during storms. Young plants often need to be pruned so as to allow them to grow with a strong, stable foundation. Dead limbs often need to be removed, as well, especially if they overhang a house, driveway or an area children play.


When a plant grows on a property, it may not be in its natural ecosystem with all the nutrients usually available. Fertilizing with the proper minerals allows your trees and shrubs to fully thrive.

Environmentally Conscious

Barefoot & Associates only uses the highest quality treatments and fertilizers that will be safe for you, your family, your customers and the environment.