We are currently working very hard to catch up from last week where all the heavy rains kept us from working. We are seeing new seedling germination in bare spots where wasn’t before the rains. We will be coming back by in the next week or two to touch up any spots slow to germinate and fill in. We are doing a great job of detaching and removing allot of dead turf and thatch of which we are vacuum mowing to remove debris. Our process is more elaborate than most companies in the fact we do dethatch, vacuum mow, aerate and apply lime and starter fertilizer along within seeding. We also use penn-mulch, a type of hydro-seeding product that is clean and you don’t get the weed seed from wheat straw which most companies use. Penn-mulch is expensive though costing nearly $20/bag. If you have any questions regarding our service, please call the office at 919-934-3554